"Cause I've got more life left to live, got some promises to keep to all the hearts that carried me out from the ocean deep. I've had to do some searching to understand the reasons for every selfish feeling. I held Death's hand this evening!" - The Amity Affliction

"We are the damned, the cursed and the broken.
There's so much more inside us" - MIW

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My dream is to create a website with tons of information and resources to help get people through depression, anxiety attacks, drug/alcohol abuse, etc. Having been through some of these things myself, as well as some of my family and friends, I'd like to find a way to cure and help the world get through this life and find their purpose. I am finding my purpose through helping others, and I want to help you find yours. But this site is a huge work in progress as I am learning to code to make this website. So please be patient and always remember your family, blood related or not.

Current images are from Ubuntu wallpapers, I do not own them.